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The cooperation between EcoReal and Mileway is expanding

EcoReal will support Mileway, the leading owner of last mile logistics assets in Europe, on eleven new energy renovations for 2022. Nine of the sites are in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the remaining two are in Tampere. As the responsible owner of the property, Mileway aims to achieve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions through projects.

The cooperation between Mileway and EcoReal began early 2021, when the energy efficiency potential of Mileway’s sites was scanned. The first energy renovation contract was signed in 2021 and the project was successfully completed in 2022. During 2021, a total of four new contracts were signed. Mileway’s properties have already been in EcoReal’s energy management since last year.

The energy renovations that are now starting will renew building automation and modernize ventilation. In addition, the lighting of the sites will be renewed and modernized. The measures will lead to significant cost and emission reductions and improve the functionality of the properties. Unnecessary operation of building services equipment is minimized, the service life of the equipment is extended, and operational reliability is improved.

“As a responsible property owner, we want to develop and improve the energy efficiency of our property portfolio and maintain high-quality properties for our customers. Through these measures, we achieve significant climate impacts that directly correlate with our company’s goals, and the impacts also support our customers in their environmental goals. We have been satisfied with the service we have received from EcoReal and are now expanding our cooperation in the form of projects” says Mileway’s Regional Manager Timo Simolin.

“It’s always great to be involved in developing our customers’ property portfolio towards carbon neutrality. Extensive cooperation brings many benefits to customers. We are able to verify the achieved results very efficiently when the energy management of the sites is in our care,” says Janne Rytkönen, CEO of EcoReal.

About EcoReal

Founded in 2016, EcoReal Ltd is a growing expert company specialised in property and construction business. Our main goal is reduced emissions, make our clients’ buildings carbon neutral while considering the well-being of building owners. Our revenue is 9,5 milj. euros and EcoReal employs over 40 competent professionals in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

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