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Brunswick Real Estate Oy / Itäpuisto 11, Itäpuisto 7 and Eteläkauppatori 4, Pori


15,834 m²


Brunswick Real Estate Ltd


Three-Property Complex of: Itäpuisto 11, Itäpuisto 7, Eteläkauppatori 4, 28100 Pori


Energy Cost Savings 26.8%, Internal Rate of Return 18.7%, and Payback Period 5.8 years


The ventilation units of the three office real estate companies were replaced by heat recovery supply and exhaust air units. The properties’ building automation systems and controls were modernized, and the outdoor lighting at the sites was replaced with LEDs.


Estimated cost savings of €1,630,000 and reduction of 4,320 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the life cycle

The energy efficiency of three adjacent properties in the center of Pori was improved by an energy renovation project that began in late 2019 and was completed in the autumn of 2020. Commercial premises have been placed on the ground level of the properties, and the lower floors have been occupied by offices and healthcare services. With good planning, the modifications were scheduled and carried out on schedule without any unplanned downtime.

The project modernized the site’s non-heat recovery air handling units with new supply and exhaust air handling units equipped with efficient heat recovery. A modernized building automation system was added to the properties, with which the heating and ventilation of the sites can be regulated as required. To accommodate the new air handling units the service area needed adjusting so a new machine room was built for them in Itäpuisto 11.

“From the project plan onwards, the minimal impact of the renovation work on property users was emphasized. The collaboration with the local technical designers and contractors of the project went exceptionally well. With the design solutions used and the contractors’ input, the modifications were carried out as planned, ”says Jukka Meriläinen, EcoReal’s Project Manager.