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JM Suomi Oy – Energy audits


45 356 m2


JM Suomi Oy


KOy Espoon Kutojantien Tähti, KOy Helsingin Radiokatu 20 ja KOy Vantaan Vetokuja 1


Energy audit for three real estates


Energy saving potential in heat and electricity in total 1652 MWh, on average 12% of the energy consumption of buildings. Emission reduction potential 265 t CO2/a.

Three properties owned by JM Suomi Oy were led by EcoReal’s energy experts to conduct energy audits from the beginning of 2023. The goal was to find out the energy saving and emission reduction potential of the sites. In addition to operating technical measures, energy saving potential was found in the properties, especially in the modernization of ventilation, renewal of lighting, and control changes in the ventilation and radiator network.

“A lot of energy saving potential was found in the properties and the measures can also be implemented easily and cost-effectively”, says EcoReal’s Energy Specialist Erkka Anttila. 

“Many thanks to the EcoReal team for the smooth and professional cooperation! The savings potentials observed in the inspections are significant and we received good suggestions for implementing them towards more energy-efficient properties”, Pasi Mäkelä from JM Suomi Oy tells.