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Lumene Corporate Responsibility Report


Lumene Oy


Sustainability Reporting to GRI Standards


The Company’s First Corporate Responsibility Report


A stakeholder survey, a responsibility program with objectives and indicators, and a responsibility report in accordance with GRI standards for 2019

EcoReal helped Lumene complete its first sustainability report to GRI standards in 2019. The work began with an extensive stakeholder survey that mapped the expectations of Lumene’s key stakeholders regarding sustainability work. This was followed by a responsibility program in workshops led by EcoReal, which defined clear responsibility goals for Lumene as well as longer-term responsibility commitments. The responsibility work carried out over the years was reviewed in accordance with GRI standards and the matters were assembled into a single comprehensive responsibility report.

“Responsibility is one of the key tenets for Lumene’s business. For us, it means concrete actions from responsible sourcing of raw materials to ensuring customer satisfaction and taking care of the common good. With the help of EcoReal, we were able to consolidate our responsibility work into one cover, which makes it easier to follow the work in the future. Concrete responsibility promises and goals will help us to continue to be a pioneer in responsibility within the cosmetics industry. ” – Tiina Isohanni, VP R&D and Sustainability, Lumene Oy.

Link to finished report here.