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Mänkimiehentie 4 – Light fixture


Sagax Oy / KOy Mänkimiehentie 4


Mänkimiehentie 4


Light fixture


Efficient lighting with significantly lower energy consumption

At Mänkimiehentie 4, for our long-term partner Sagax, an extensive lighting fixture was carried out under the leadership of EcoReal’s Construction Project Manager. The old lamps were found to be a fire safety risk by the fire inspector: there was a fire hazard in the indoor lamps and the age and condition of the lamps were poor. The contract to replace the lighting was started at the end of 2022.

The old 2x60W fluorescent lamps were mainly replaced with 40W-60W LED lamps and the old lamps on the exterior walls were replaced with LED floodlights. There were a total of more than 1 000 replaced lamps.

Much more efficient and significantly lower energy consumption lighting was implemented in the premises. With increased energy prices, the calculated payback period of the investment is only about two years.

“The project was successful according to expectations and the tenant was satisfied with the end result. The project was completed on schedule, and well below the cost estimate, when additional work occurred less than expected,” says Matias Peuraniemi, EcoReal’s Project Manager.