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We reduce your energy costs and increase the value of your property – all to save you money.

yrityksen energiakatselmus

Energy management

We take care of energy management comprehensively on the customer’s behalf. We monitor and analyse the conditions and energy consumption of the property, deal with abnormalities in consumption, find and implement measures for improving energy efficiency, and provide regular reports to the client.



An analysis of energy use of the property with inventory of investments and long term maintenance plan.


Energy renovation

Designing, implementation and financing of energy-efficient building solutions on a turnkey basis, and verification of their ability to produce savings.



Project management in comprehensive construction projects like building and renovation, tenant modifications and condition repairs.

yrityksen energiakatselmus


We provide our customers with expert services related to such areas as real estate planning, planning guidance, comprehensive building management and the procurement of building automation.



We help organisations to develop their activities, so as to make them more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. GRI and GRESB reporting.



  • Smart control systems for building and refrigeration automation
  • Remote access, monitoring of conditions and system optimisation
  • Monitoring of refrigeration systems


  • Renewal and modification of heating systems
  • Network renovations
  • Heat recovery solutions
  • Air source heating systems, air to water heating systems and geothermal systems


  • LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smart control of electric heating
  • Need-based lighting control
  • Electricity demand response


  • Energy-efficient ventilation systems
  • High-quality indoor air and functional conditions
  • Need-based ventilation
  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts
  • Air volume control

Refrigeration technology

  • Modernisation of refrigeration systems
  • Lighting and blower solutions for commercial refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration process optimisation
  • IOT based monitoring system


  • Water-saving solutions
  • Automated leak alerts
  • Refurbishment of heating networks

Solar Energy

  • Solar collectors and panels for local renewable energy production


  • Improved sustainability with the aid of various levels of reporting packages (ECO, ECO STAR and GRI)
  • In addition to situation mapping, we also provide assistance in identifying areas for development points and in implementing developments